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Video Stills: Woman to Woman Tantric Massage

The quality leaves something to be desired…these are just a few video stills from our woman to woman Tantric massage video shoot last night….Joy sighs…I love how rapidly connection is possible and deep bonds are created through the art of sacred touch…From my heart to yours, Joy

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Behind the Scenes Photos: Tantric Embrace

Copyright 2011: Tantric Embrace

Well, I am officially exhausted, but blissfully so! Today’s shoot was an incredible success…I worked with both models today and, although the flashes going off, lights shining on us and photographers moving around this way and that did not create a peaceful Tantric ambience per se, we managed to access an inner space….and capture some incredibly beautiful moments on film! I am in awe…

I plan on writing a series of informative posts about the topic of ‘tantra photos shoots’ but for now, I must spend some time with my children, take a hot shower and then share a glass of wine and some inspiring stories from today with my lover…sweet dreams from my heart to yours, Joy

ps: thank you Chuckarelei for an incredible day and for facilitating this most sensuous journey! I am in awe and will write an entire post in dedication to your stunning and creative photography services.

Copyright Tantrachick 2011: Tantric Embrace